Auroville Press and Auroville Press Publishers are first and foremost units of Auroville.

These two enterprises are dedicated to the aims given by the Mother in the Charter.

Their field of work is the production of printing material that can help in the understanding of this extraordinary adventure started by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.

Auroville’s yoga is karma yoga, which means that everything we do has to be done with a sense of perfection. That is why in our Press form and content are equally important.

“In Auroville we could have an international publishing house publishing books in all languages.”

Auroville Press

Auroville Press is a printing press founded in Auroville in 1982 with two aims: first printing all kinds of materials related to the ideals of Auroville and Sri Aurobindo’s and the Mother’s (evolution, education, the future of India, integral yoga, etc.) And secondly being a service for Auroville.

It works in close collaboration with its sister unit Auroville Papers, which produces unique hand-made paper. link

This is a small enterprise, still working with the spirit of a handicraft unit, able and eager to spend the necessary time and attention to any job so as to create a unique object.

First located in the community of Fraternity, it occupies now a building next to Aspiration community (close to the Kuilapalayam village).

Its activities are four-fold : offset printing, screen printing, binding and design.

Offset printing: our machine is a Dominant. We can print on different kinds of papers, one-color or four-colors matter.

Screen printing: we print posters, cards, book covers. Auroville Press is particularly fond of screen printing on the beautiful handmade paper of its sister company Auroville Papers.

Binding: The employees of Auroville Press are experts at binding books by hand, whether paperbacks or hard bound books. Our binding is strong, long lasting and elegant.

Design: we design book covers, posters, leaflets, coffee table books, exhibitions; we collaborate with authors and publishers in creating original layouts for their books.

The Team

The beautiful thing about the people working at the Press is that they come from neighbouring villages and have all been trained on the job. This is not a coincidence, this is in line with one of the goals of Auroville listed in its Charter : “Auroville will be the place of an unending education, of constant progress…”

The lady whose job is to calculate estimates, make bills, outsource raw material, to organize the production and oversee the binding, came to work at the Press about 30 years ago. She was very young at that time, did not know one word of English and had never touched a computer. She started with basic binding and now she is a pillar of the Press, organizing production and making all kinds of estimates for both companies, Press and Papers.

Another lady prepares layouts in collaboration with the clients, creates designs, logos, book covers, posters, etc. She came to the Press when unmarried and very shy. She is now an Aurovilian and the mother of two boys studying in Auroville schools.

The third lady is affectionately called “the marquess of the broom” and is as indispensable as the others.

The three men, who between them take care of all the printing (offset and silkscreen) and the binding, have also learned their job at the Press itself, either from Aurovilians working there or from previous employees.

All of them have developed qualities indispensable in this work: a sharp eye, an unfailing attention to details, meticulousness, a fine sense of colors and, at the same time, an extreme patience in the preparation and a good speed of execution. 

If one asks them what they feel about the press, two elements surface: first they are proud of their skills, they could not have believed at the beginning that they would be capable of doing what they do. Secondly they feel happy that they still continue to progress in an atmosphere which is the one of a family.